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April 15, 2024

Aggression Resulting From a Car Accident

April 15, 2024

Following an auto, truck, or car accident, it’s expected for a victim to feel mixed emotions of anxiety, fear, and even anger over their situation. However, if you have been experiencing bouts of anger, mood swings, or changes in your general behavior, it’s something that deserves a closer look.

Is Anger A Serious Symptom?

Anger and other emotions are very serious symptoms that can result from a car accident. While they should be expected in any sort of situation where a person’s life and wellbeing were put at risk by the negligence of another person, they deserve special attention.

It’s important that you directly address your emotions after a car accident as they might be linked to PTSD, anxiety, or another condition that was caused or worsened by your involvement in the crash.

Addressing Your Emotions

The first step following the accident is to seek medical attention. During the first few hours and even days after the accident, you’re likely to be in a state of shock. You were probably caught off guard by the whole ordeal and suddenly you’re under a lot of stress between insurance and other claims.

However, your health and wellbeing should always come first. So, reach out to a medical professional and have them check your status over completely. They should be thorough in asking questions and checking for both physical and mental trauma. Let them know of any emotions or physical changes/symptoms you have taken note of since the accident.

This is critical because it gives you documentation of your symptoms right from the start. Many injuries that result from car accidents can take days or even weeks to begin showing themselves, even brain injuries, so it’s important that you have documentation of your health from the day the accident occurred.

In the coming days, you should report back to your doctor if you have any new symptoms or if any of your symptoms worsen. This will help them diagnose any injuries or conditions you may have, including ones linked to your anger.

anger after car accident

Reasons for Anger Following An Accident

There are many reasons why you may feel angry after an accident. Most commonly, people are angry because of:

  • The negligence of the other driver that could have cost you your own life and/or taken the lives of your passengers;
  • The sudden financial burden you may have to face in the event that the insurance company does not cover the full cost of damage/replacement;
  • The stress of dealing with the insurance company and trying to get your life back on track.

The above reasons are considered a standard cause for anger and other mixed emotions after a crash. However, this anger is bound to feel even stronger if you’re facing:

  • One or more injuries resulting from the accident;
  • A previous condition that was worsened by the accident;
  • A debilitating condition resulting from the accident, including PTSD that prevents or discourages you from driving again.
Aggression Resulting From a Car Accident

Can Anger Be Grounds For An Injury Claim?

The short answer is yes. Anger can be connected to mental trauma, anxiety, PTSD, or another condition that is likely to require specialty assistance (such as rehabilitation or therapy) to fully and quickly recover from. This is important because you need to tell your doctor that you are angry so they note your file accordingly.

The medical expenses related to diagnosing and treating any injury related to the accident should not come out of your pocket. That’s why you need medical documentation of all expenses so that you can get compensated later on.

Is PTSD Likely To Result From A Crash?

While researchers are only beginning to dig into the real statistics of the mental impact of a car accident or another traumatic life event, the medical community fully agrees that PTSD can result from a car crash.

The risk of PTSD is worsened when the car accident came at a time surrounded by other stressful life events. It’s also more likely that you’ll get PTSD when the crash is directly related to serious injury of you, your passengers, or even the at-fault party.

What Other Traumas Can Be Caused By A Crash?

“PTSD is just one condition on a long list of issues that can be sparked by a car accident. These conditions aren’t always marked by anger, either.” Many victims report feeling numb following an accident, which can be linked to PTSD or anxiety, stress, and even depression. See below where we list out some links to other articles on symptoms associated with a crash.

A car accident can have a significant impact on your life. From potentially taking your means of transportation away to even taking away your ability to walk, work, or live your life as you used to. The injury lawyers at Smiley Law Firm believe you deserve full compensation for your injuries.

car accidents aggression

What To Do Next

  • Seek medical attention for your injuries and make sure to get documentation of any symptoms, issues, or conditions you’re experiencing.
  • Keep a copy of everything
  • You should keep a thorough record of any recommendations your doctor makes regarding physical or emotional therapy, prescriptions, and so on in relation to your accident.
  • Any charges should be kept on file as well so that you can work to be compensated for them later.
  • Keep a daily journal of how you feel and the symptoms as they happen.

Ask for Additional Documentation

Do not hesitate to revisit your healthcare provider when new symptoms arise or if a symptom gets worse. Ask for additional documentation from any visits you make and make sure to get your doctor’s diagnosis and recommendations in writing. Everything should be signed and dated by the staff. Always make sure the doctor and his/her staff note the file. Without the notes, it is like the symptom never happened.

Reach Out For Help

Take care of yourself first by getting medical help. When you’re ready, reach out to our team here at Smiley Law Firm and we’ll help you get your life back on track so you can get back to smiling.

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