New Orleans Bicycle Accident Lawyer

A case that is becoming more and more common in urban areas is the bicycle accident. As municipalities open up the road to cyclists, drivers simply are not used to sharing the road with the non-motorized bicycle. It is somewhat unnatural for drivers. This can lead to an increase for bicycle accidents and injuries. Cyclists can be injured by moving and non-moving vehicles and the injuries can often times be severe due to the exposed rider. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation for any injury you sustained, so call an experienced New Orleans bicycle accident attorney immediately.

Many car insurance policies cover damage to cyclists. The problem is that many cyclists do not realize that they have rights and that their injuries can be compensated just as another vehicle or a pedestrian. Here in New Orleans, the city is adding more and more bike lanes. Students at Tulane, UNO and Loyola are riding to school and workers are commuting to work more often.

A New Orleans bicycle accident attorney at the Smiley Law Firm can help cyclists get the injury aid and compensation that they deserve when a vehicle causes the cyclist damages.

Although bicycle / automobile accidents are not common in New Orleans, the cause is usually someone’s negligence. The negligent party is the one who will be at fault. The at fault party pays.

It is very important to call the New Orleans police and request that a police report be issued. This will help make the accident more credible and may assign fault. From there parties are encouraged to exchange information, including, drivers licenses, phone numbers, insurance cards, address and if a commercial vehicle, the name of the company that the automobile belongs to. Call 911 if the injury is severe and seek medical attention.

Be aware of the crucial bicycle safety tips and reach out to Smiley Law Firm to speak with a New Orleans accident attorney about your case if you have been injured in a bicycle accident.