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The New Orleans Smart Car Myth

October 7, 2014

The Myth You might have seen this picture online or maybe it was emailed to you with a caption, “Smart Car Accident New Orleans.” The picture is meant to depict a Smart Car that has been squeezed down to the size of a suitcase in between two large dump trucks. However, a small amount of
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Louisiana Slip and Fall Case Action Requirements

September 20, 2014

Trip and fall injuries occur when there are hidden hazards, poor lighting, abrupt changes in the walkway, lack of adequate handrails, or inadequate warning of a change in elevation. Slip and fall injuries often result from such conditions as water, ice, paint or other slippery substances on a walking surface. Trip and fall, or slip
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Five Things You Need to Do If You Slip, Fall, and are Injured

September 16, 2014

  1. Report the Accident to the Owner of the Premises If you get hurt in a slip and fall (or trip and fall) accident, you should report the accident immediately to the premises owner or supervisor. If you get hurt on commercial property, report the accident to the highest ranking person that you can
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