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May 26, 2024

Dangerous Vehicle Modifications

May 26, 2024


Today in Parents of Teen Drivers, we are discussing an interesting subject about dangerous modifications to vehicles. 

As we get older, we tend to prefer safer stock vehicles, but of course, young folks and teenagers are attracted to some more exciting and adventurous features to add to their cars or truck. I can remember when I was a teen and wanted to have big jacked-up trucks, giant tires, and massive speakers, and I had no idea how dangerous some of these things can be.

In my law firm, I see far too many people who have got involved in unnecessary accidents and are looking for help. So I have done some research on this and found some interesting information.

Booming sound systems are a big one. The high sound level and bass create a hazard for not only the hearing of the people in the car, but it also makes it harder to hear emergency vehicles going by, which can risk an accident, and you can breach noise ordinances and risk a ticket.

LED lights all over the car are a popular modification these days. They can be added in the rims, the grill, or wherever. They can be a plus as having the car lot up like Christmas can alert oncoming drivers. Still, if they are installed incorrectly, they can act like having your brights on, and they can potentially temporarily blind other drivers. So getting a professional installation for LED lights is vital.

Another popular modification here in the south is loft kits on trucks. It can be illegal if you go too high and you risk a ticket. Some people feel it is safer to be higher and at a different trajectory than other vehicles, but there is an increased risk of rolling over, which makes the car less safe.

There are various issues such as loud pipes, scissor doors, lowering kits, window tint, and others, which can increase the risks of driving safely.

So, these are some popular modifications that can make driving more dangerous and should be discouraged amongst our teen drivers.

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