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May 26, 2024

Who to Contact After an Accident

May 26, 2024

Who to Contact After an AccidentAnytime you are in an accident, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. A motor vehicle collision, slip, and fall incident, work injury, etc., can cause injuries that may not be immediately apparent. You need to go to a clinic or emergency room for expert diagnosis and treatment.

Remember, though, that medical help shouldn’t be your only concern. After an accident, you also need to consult a personal injury attorney.

Your financial health is also vital to your long-term outlook.


Certain injuries are common after an accident. Automobile collisions frequently cause bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and soft tissue trauma. These types of injuries are also common after a slip and falls and work accidents.

Some of these injuries are obvious, but others may not manifest for days or even weeks. That’s why every victim of an accident needs to be thoroughly checked over by a doctor immediately after the incident.

Prompt attention can minimize medical issues and speed healing. Also, you need to have your physical condition documented so that you can pursue legal action.

Legal Advice

Some accident victims hesitate to contact a lawyer, fearing that they will appear greedy or opportunistic. Nothing is further from the truth.

Medical Bills

Medical treatment is expensive, even for those with insurance. Ambulance rides, copays, deductibles, and physical therapy add up to big numbers.

The effects of some injuries can last for years, affecting your quality of life and your earning ability. Seeking legal advice is necessary to protect yourself.

Insurance Negotiations

Insurance companies can be notoriously difficult during negotiations. If you are recovering from an injury, you are in shape to deal with their experienced representatives. A lawyer will protect your best interests and make certain that you don’t suffer financially from your accident.

Pain and Suffering

In addition after an accident, a personal injury lawyer will sometimes be able to get you additional money for physical and/or mental pain and suffering. The effects of an accident can sometimes cause you physical problems for the rest of your life.

In addition, many accidents cause lasting fear and anxiety that can make daily functioning difficult.

Court Appearances

Sometimes, you need to file a lawsuit and go to court to get a fair settlement after an accident. Your chances of success are higher if you have a lawyer who has been involved with your case from the beginning.

The other side will have expert representation, so make certain that you do as well.

Smiley Law Firm

If you are injured and you are not sure what to do after an accident, contact Smiley Law Firm for help with your injury case. They will fight to get the compensation that you deserve, always keeping in mind the pain you have suffered.

At Smiley Law Firm, they embrace technology and have one of the most progressive and helpful websites of any legal team. If you’ve been the victim of an accident, call 504-434-7700 and arrange your free consultation. You can also visit their website and fill out an online contact form.

Accident victims have to contend with many challenges, including pain, recovery, and lost wages. When you are at your most vulnerable, you need both medical and legal champions. You should never hesitate to hire a lawyer to protect your interests. Remember, the insurance companies have experienced lawyers on their side. You also need someone fighting for your legal rights.

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