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April 19, 2024

How Does It Feel When Your Teen Drives Off?

April 19, 2024



This is the Parents of Teen Drivers Facebook Group, and I am Seth Smiley of the Smiley Law Firm. Today I am asking you for feedback about how you feel when your teen gets out on the road. When you sign up for groups like this, you are usually asked a series of questions. This is so that we know which subjects you are interested to know more about, and I would like to hear more from our members.

I would like to know more about your feelings when your teen is behind the wheel. Do you feel anxious, happy, sad, fearful? What makes you tick? Many of us think that we should do more, so if that is the case, what would you like me to look into?

We need to know this, as the aim of the group is to educate and empower. I am giving out all of these facts, information, and studies as I want everyone to know how to teach their teens about driving safely.

All of us fear for our kid’s safety, the awful news that there has been an accident, or they have been pulled over. Let’s find ways to stop that from happening. Let me know your emotions about when this happens, and ideas about how to improve this.

I would like the conversation to start from the members of the group about what steps we can take and what further ideas we can discuss together. I am always happy to find out additional information and look into any topics of interest.

Please feel free to post your input below or send me a Direct Message. Let’s find new and innovative ways to keep our kids safe when they drive!

Thank you.

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