Five Bike Commuting Safety Tips

New Orleans has been ranked as a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community since 2011by The League of American Bicyclists, and seventh in the nation for per capitaspending on bicycle and pedestrian programs.

  1. Simplify your ride: Making your ride simple and easy will make your commute more enjoyable. Riding a simple bike, like a steel, fixed gear bike can simplify your ride. Check your bike every weekend for correct tire pressure, tightness of quick releases and other fastenings, brakes performance, chain appearance, and tire wear and tear. Cleaning your bike regularly can also help to simplify your everyday rides.
  2. Do some Prep Work: By preparing for your commute ahead of time, you can also reduce any anxiety and cut down on your commuting time. Make a small pack that you can carry on your bike that has tire flat repair materials. Store toiletries or other hygienic necessities at your workplace for a shower or quick refresher after your morning commute. Leave a pair of shoes, or two, at your workplace. This will cut down on the weight you’ll carry commuting every day. Packing the night before and only bringing essentials will also cut down on your commuting time in the morning as well as the weight you’ll have to carry every day.
  3. Plan out your ride: In New Orleans, there are numerous bike paths and commuting routes available for all commuters. Using tools such as Google Maps or the New Orleans Bike Commuting Map can provide you with a more scenic route, while avoiding dangerous roads, crowded intersections and road construction. New Orleans is also working hard on their darling community project, the Lafitte Greenway. The Greenway stretches 2.6 miles through the heart of the City, from Mid-City to Basin St. at Armstrong Park, following the path of what used to be a canal and railway. It will extend from Basin St. to N. Alexander St. between St. Louis, Lafitte, and Conti Streets. The Greenway is scheduled to be open in early or mid-2015, and you can see how the project is coming along by visiting the Lafitte Greenway Progress photos.
  4. Enjoy the ride and get others involved! New Orleans is rich with events geared towards the bicycle enthusiast. The New Orleans Bike Bash is a 3-day collection of bicycle related events ranging from rides to bike polo to bike in movies, designed to provide a wide variety of fun bicycle themed activities. The annual World Naked Bike Tour in New Orleans, takes place in the summer months, to raise awareness for bike safety.
  5. Looking ahead: Although commuting should be a fun and enjoyable event, sometimes accidents do happen and people are injured on their commute. If you find yourself in this situation, knowing a competent New Orleans bike accident attorney could help you recover for your damages and injuries without further delay or pain.

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