New Orleans Slip and Fall Lawyer

A Slip and fall is a common injury suffered by many people in Louisiana. Most people have tripped or slipped and fallen at some point. Usually, the fall is shaken off and there is little or no injury. Other times, the fall can be more problematic, leading to injuries that require medical attention, physical therapy, and in the worst cases, partial or permanent disability. Regardless of the severity, many people are entitled to compensation, and a New Orleans slip and fall lawyer at the Smiley Law Firm can help.

Many people do not want to make a claim or file a lawsuit because they are scared away by the complexity of the legal system, or they have a prior relationship with person or business where the fall happened. However,an experienced New Orleans slip and fall lawyer knows the property owner where the fall occurred will rarely have to pay for your injuries out-of-pocket. Instead, insurance policies generally cover such occurrences, depending on the circumstances. Usually, compensation for your injuries will come directly from the insurance carrier providing coverage. So it is possible to get all of your medical bills paid and get compensation for your pain and suffering as well.

Falls can happen anywhere, but they often happen in commercial businesses, which have a legal duty to keep their premises safe for patrons. If a business breaches that duty and a fall results, then you should be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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If you have been injured as the result of a fall, a slip and fall lawyer at Smiley Law Firm will pay attention to every detail of your case and make sure you get the personal attention that you deserve. The New Orleans personal injury lawyers focus on slip & fall accidents and have in depth knowledge on these cases. Don’t wait and call the firm today for a legal consultation.