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March 3, 2024

Mandeville Personal Injury Lawyer

Were you involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence? If so, you can seek justice by filing a lawsuit. Consult a personal injury attorney in Mandeville for guidance through the legal process.

The future can feel dim after an accident in Mandeville leaves you with severe or life-altering injuries. As you focus on your physical and emotional healing, you may feel hopeless and unsure of how to move forward. The financial burden of your accident can become overwhelming, and you may feel like your past life is slipping further out of reach.
When someone else’s negligence caused your accident in Mandeville, the negligent party should be held responsible for your financial suffering. To hold the liable party accountable, however, you must file a legal claim against them. A Mandeville personal injury lawyer from Smiley Injury Law, LLC can support you during this difficult time and handle the legalities of your case.

How Accidents Happen in Mandeville

Accidents can happen in Mandeville when individuals act negligently. A car accident can occur if a driver is speeding on their way to work, texting while driving, or driving while drowsy. Work-related accidents can occur on construction sites if products malfunction or dangerous equipment is left unsecured. Guests can slip-and-fall in malls if property owners don’t warn guests of hazards in walkways.
Knowing what caused your accident in Mandeville is essential if you want to pursue compensation for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer in Mandeville can use evidence from your accident to determine why your accident occurred and who should be held liable for your damages. 

What to Do if You Shared Fault in Your Mandeville Accident

In some Mandeville accidents, more than one person may be liable for causing the accident. Occasionally, you may share fault in your accident even if your percentage of fault is less than the liable party who injured you. For example, if a drunk driver hit you on the road, they may be 80 percent at fault, whereas you may be 20 percent at fault because you were speeding.
Louisiana has a pure comparative negligence law, which allows all liable parties involved in an accident to file a claim for compensation, regardless of their percentage of fault. You can recover compensation for damages you suffered in your accident, even if you shared 20 percent of the fault. The court will, however, deduct your percentage of fault from your settlement amount. 

Determining Whom to Sue For Your Accident in Mandeville

Your Mandeville personal injury attorney can be your key resource in determining whom to sue for your accident in Mandeville. You may sue an individual for an accident you’re involved in, but in some circumstances, you must sue a company for liability. A government entity can also be liable for your damages. Identifying all liable parties in your accident will ensure your claim is maximized.

Consult a Mandeville Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve never taken legal action before, then having a strong legal team by your side as you move forward with your claim can be crucial. If you’re ready to discuss your case in greater detail with a Mandeville personal injury lawyer from Smiley Injury Law, LLC, fill out the contact form below or call 504-894-9653 to schedule a free consultation.

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