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April 19, 2024

Do I Have to Go to Court for a Car Accident in New Orleans?

New Orleans car accidents are devastating when they lead to injuries and a heavy financial burden. When an individual, company, or government entity causes your car accident, you have the right to obtain a settlement. You may be hesitant to take legal action, however, if you’re afraid of going to court.

At Smiley Injury Law, LLC, we’ve handled many New Orleans car accident cases and understand how the legal process works. A New Orleans car accident lawyer from our team can investigate your case and use evidence to prove negligence on your behalf. Although some car accident cases make it to the courtroom, there are also many cases won outside of court. 

Discussing Your Car Accident with Your Insurance Company

You’ll likely get a call from your insurance company after your New Orleans car accident. Your insurance company may offer you a settlement for your damages, but you should calculate your claim value before accepting any offers. Although an insurance settlement will keep you out of court, you may end up receiving much less than the amount you deserve. 

Settling Your Claim in the Pretrial Phase

When filing a car accident claim, there’s a pretrial phase, during which you can discuss your claim with the defendant and try to settle outside of court. Your car accident lawyer in New Orleans will negotiate on your behalf, but if the defendant refuses to settle for the amount you deserve, then court may be the necessary next step. 

Contact a New Orleans Car Accident Attorney

Speaking to a New Orleans car accident lawyer from Smiley Injury Law, LLC can make you feel confident as you fight for what you deserve. You shouldn’t be afraid of going to court because our team can handle the legalities of your case. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, call 504-894-9653 or fill out the contact form below.

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