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How Do I know If I have A Good Personal Injury Case?

Here at Smiley Law Firm, we handle personal injury cases for Louisiana, Texas, and California with compassion, attention to detail, and client interaction. Each client that we represent has his or her story about how injuries occurred, and we know that each story matters. We are personal injury attorneys who guide our clients to the best possible outcome. Check out the video above where personal injury attorney, Seth Smiley explains some details on how to know if you have a good personal injury case.

Don’t try to fight the insurance companies alone. Trust our experienced team of attorneys and staff to pursue the benefits you deserve. You need a personal injury attorney who will fight the insurance company for every dollar that you are entitled.

Personal Experience With A Personal Injury Attorney

As owner and managing attorney at Smiley Law Firm, Seth Smiley is often asked why the firm focuses on business law, construction law, and personal injury law. The answer to Seth is simple, he has personal experience with all three.

The reason Seth Smiley decided to become a personal injury attorney hits close to home, and he has a great deal of empathy and compassion for personal injury victims.

When Seth Smiley was a young boy, his family was returning home to Ascension Parish from a Baton Rouge family friend’s house late one night. He was one of four in his family vehicle, including his mother, sister, and father.

In a flash, his family’s car was struck broadside by another car that was occupied by four passengers who were returning home from a high school dance. The operator of the other vehicle was a drunk driver that ran a stop sign. The impact of the crash was so intense that the Smiley vehicle was thrown off the road into a nearby pasture. Back then, Ascension Parish was less developed, and there were a lot more pastures than today.

The automobile accident was horrific, to say the least. Two passengers in the at-fault vehicle were killed instantly because they were not buckled in their safety belts.

All four members of the Smiley family were injured, but only Seth’s injuries were life-threatening. Due to the wearing of his safety belt, Seth, only five years old at the time, had his spleen and appendix ruptured by the seatbelt. However, wearing that seatbelt saved Seth’s life.

The Smiley family was rushed to a Baton Rouge hospital along with the other passengers from the other car. At the time Seth did not realize what had just occurred, but the seatbelt that saved his life caused internal bleeding. A team of brave doctors performed emergency surgery on Seth and saved his life.

This automobile accident was ingrained into the fabric of Seth’s DNA. The one silver lining to this tragedy is that Seth’s parents had a great personal injury attorney. This personal injury attorney was classy, respectful, fair, ethical, and just an overall good person. He was the type of attorney that everyone who has been in an accident should have. He was not the type of personal injury attorney that you would see on a billboard holding a sign or a check.

Not all personal injury attorneys have a bad reputation. There are good ones, like the personal injury attorney the Smiley's hired and the attorneys at Smiley Law Firm.

Because of this experience and others in his life, Seth Smiley has devoted the practice of the Smiley Law Firm to personal injury law, construction law, and business law. Ask Seth when you speak to him about his personal injury story. It is more amazing to hear in person.

Don’t try to fight the insurance companies alone. Trust the experience of the Smiley Law Firm team of attorneys to pursue the benefits you deserve. Whether you live in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Los Angeles or anywhere in Louisiana, Texas, or California, the Smiley Law Firm personal injury attorneys can help.

Trust Our Team of Attorneys

The team of attorneys at Smiley Law, including the owner, Seth Smiley and Donald Mau, can help clients with a broad range of personal injury cases, from auto accidents and slip and fall accidents to construction injury and class action suits.

Because our firm is small, we’re able to give every client the full time and dedication that they deserve. We also bring experience to the court in dealing with insurance companies, trucking company adjusters, and manufacturing companies. We love fighting insurance companies.

Explore the Personal Injury Services We Offer

Accidents happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about them. Our attorneys will pursue the benefits you deserve, including medical expenses, past and future lost wages, and compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering. Some of the areas of personal injury in which we offer assistance include the following:

Every case is different. Depending on the type and extent of your injury, we’ll inform you of the types of damages to which you may be entitled. Whether you’ve been in a car accident with an 18-wheeler or have been hurt on the job site, we’ll guide you through this troubling time.

Take Immediate Action With Constant Transparency and Communication

At Smiley Law Firm, we use technology to offer clients instant case access at the click of a button. We use Google Apps for case updates in real-time and the cloud-based to manage our cases. Once they are represented by Smiley Law Firm, clients can simply contact our client liaison advocates Meriem and Jack to get updates and set up a time to speak to the attorney about the case. It is truly the ultimate personal experience.

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It’s your case, and we are here to help you get the maximum recovery allowed by law. During initial consultations, we will discuss your situation in detail and lay out your legal options should you wish to pursue full representation.

Suffering a personal injury can be a stressful time with a daunting amount of actions to consider. A personal injury attorney or our team of attorneys at Smiley Law can help. Don’t wait to pursue legal action. Schedule your free initial consultation today.