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March 2, 2024

Proof the Automakers Understand the Teen Driver Problem

March 2, 2024


Seth Smiley here from the Smiley Law Firm. For this edition of the Parents of Teen Drivers Facebook Group, we will be talking about some technology that some car companies have developed to help combat the massive problem of accidents and fatalities coming from teen driving.

As an advocate for teen safety, I am always on the lookout for evidence to show the dangers inherent when teens get behind the wheel.

GMC and Chevrolet have come out with some useful technology for their vehicles from 2018 onwards. They aim at teens, and when you give them a particular key fob, certain safety features are activated, and there is no override.

There are excellent features such as a report card on your teens’ driving, there are warnings whenever unsafe driving happens, and you get a warning about speeding. There are various other features.

Chevrolet and GMC have realized what a significant issue safety for teen drivers is, so they are helping parents so they can implement this as a stock item on their cars. 

There are teaching tools, a “buckle to drive” feature that won’t allow them to drive unless buckled up—lots of neat features.

You can’t switch on the radio until everyone buckles up and you can limit the sound, speed warnings sent to parents, and you can limit the top speed.

The website goes into further detail. GMC has a version also.

It is all evidence that the world has noticed how unsafe it is for teens to be behind the wheel with friends in the car, with phones, and with distractions, and this is a helpful way to encourage teens to develop good driving habits. I thought this was an exciting development, and I wanted to share it with you.

If you wish to discuss these issues in greater depth or ask questions, please comment below or send me a DM.

Thank you.

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