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April 19, 2024

Science Says One Reason Causes More Teen Accidents than Any Other

April 19, 2024


Today on Parents of Teen Drivers, we will talk about the fact that there is one reason above all others that is the leading cause of teen accidents, and that is their brain.

Many things go on inside of a car which we have discussed at length in this group. One of the most critical factors from all of the research I have carried out and recent studies that I have read is about how the brain works and how teenagers process distractions.

Distraction can come in many forms, it can come from texting and driving, taking a hands-free phone call, or it can come from other people in the vehicle talking to the teen driver.

The main point is that some teen drivers process this better than others. There is something called a “working memory”, and it deals with the way teenagers can deal with what is going on around them from day-to-day actions while driving, whether they need to be hitting the gas or brakes, turning, or processing other things going on around them. It also deals with the varying levels of distraction going on around them, whether it is from a phone, radio, or other people in the car.

There are studies that state that having one person in the car is safer than many whenever teens are behind the wheel. There are a ton of statistics, but the number one reason why teenagers get into more accidents is due to their brains.

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