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April 15, 2024

UPDATE Teen Drivers Need To Take Physical Test to Get License in Georgia

April 15, 2024


Seth Smiley of the Smiley Law Firm here with an update for the Parents of Teen Drivers Facebook Group. A few days back, I did a video regarding the potential changes in licensing laws for teens in various areas. COVID-19 has led to certain areas not requiring a physical test to get a driving license.

I have read an update from Georgia. The folks there had planned to allow permanent licenses to be issued without physical tests, but the governor has come back and said that it is not how the statute was meant to be interpreted.

So, though there are many changes due to COVID-19, they now plan to bring drivers back at the appropriate time to take the full test.

It is an excellent example of how laws get passed and are then reviewed, and they make changes, adjust things, and make clarifications.

You must teach your kids the rules of the road and educate them so that they can pass the driving test when they have to go back and take it.

For Louisiana, we have not yet suspended any of the rules for driving tests, and let’s hope it never comes to that.

So. I just wanted to update you if anyone was worried about unqualified drivers being licensed and on the road.

If you have any further questions about the rules for driving licenses being issued, please shoot me a direct message or leave a comment below.

Thank you.


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