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May 26, 2024

Teen Driving License Requirements for Louisiana

May 26, 2024


In today’s edition of Parents of Teen Drivers, we are discussing the driving license requirements for teens in Louisiana.

Louisiana has a few different levels of Class E license that teens can get. It depends on their age, how much class time they have put in for studying driving, getting their learning permit, or getting an intermediate license.

You can go to, where the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles hosts all of the information that they have online. There is a wide selection of information, much of which will only be of interest to a lawyer. There are tons of statutes there that apply to the driver’s license laws. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you will likely find the answer there.

If anybody has any questions about any of this, I am happy to discuss them with you offline – just send me a direct message. Alternatively, just leave a comment below, and I will get back to you with my thoughts.

What we are focusing on here is a Class E learner’s permit. They offer a learner’s permit for minors, and then you can get an intermediate license. 

The learner’s permit is intended for 15 to 17-year-olds, and it requires 30 hours of classroom attendance and eight hours on the road. While the new driver is in that program, they can get a TIP, which is a temporary instruction permit that allows them to drive while accompanied by an instructor. Once they have completed their classes, this can be upgraded for the official learning permit.

One they have the learning permit, it is valid for 180 days, and they are allowed to drive while accompanied by a parent, guardian, sibling over the age of 18, or adult over 21.

The next level is the intermediate license, which is for a 16-year-old that hasn’t completed the licensing permit stage or a 17-year-old who hasn’t gotten their full license yet.

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles is an excellent resource with all of the information available that you might need. Also, has plenty of support for parents and covers some of the topics that we have discussed regarding safe driving for teens.

So, there is plenty of information out there. While it is not super complicated, it is more difficult than when I was learning to drive, so it is a good idea to look at the latest statutes.

So, once again, this is Seth Smiley of Smiley Law Firm with another edition of the Parents of Teen Drivers Facebook group. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

Thank you.

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