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April 15, 2024

Does Your Teen Know How To Read A Road Atlas Map?

April 15, 2024




Seth Smiley here from the Smiley Law Firm with today’s edition of the Parents of Teen Drivers Facebook Group. We are discussing a fun subject to test if young teens know the things that older people know, “Does your teen know how to read a road atlas map?”

Go and ask them if they know what it is! I have recently received a large road atlas as a gift, and it is useful when planning a road trip.

Ask your teens if they know how to read the legend, and all of the little roads, symbols, and signs. Now, everything is on our phones, but back in the day, we had to read through giant books to get information.

It would be a cool challenge to go on a trip with your teen and let them navigate using a road atlas.

The mileage chart is cool, and I like the details about how to get from city to city. It allows you to plan your trip without using your phone. It is good practice for if their phone is out of coverage area or out of battery.

It is a useful challenge for your teen, and you will get the chance to say, “Back in my day, we used to do these kinds of things.”

So this has been “Does your teen know how to read a road atlas map?” If you have any ideas about similar types of things that we used while driving but may not seem familiar to our teen drivers, please let me know in the comments below.

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