The Post-Accident “Legal Checkup”

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you probably sought medical attention (or you should) to make sure you are physically/mentally okay. But what about seeking legal attention?

In addition to your medical checkup, is a legal checkup right for you? Oftentimes, personal injury victims do not discuss their case with a personal injury lawyer on time or at all. Unfortunately, this could be a major mistake and can lead to the relinquishment of otherwise viable legal rights and claims. Always talk with your doctor first for your physical needs then contact your attorney for the legal implications of your accident and injury.

Here are 5 important reasons to consult with a personal injury attorney:


Attorneys have experience working with insurance providers to help you get the highest possible settlement amounts for your injuries. In addition to helping you get compensation for your actual costs of medical bills, attorneys oftentimes have experience getting compensation (in the form of general damages) for injuries that may be difficult to monetize, such as pain and suffering. Remember – you may receive compensation for non-physical harm.

Statute of Limitations

Most local, state and federal law impose a limited time period (the “statute of limitations”) on your ability to file your claim and receive compensation for your injuries. If you fail to contact an attorney promptly after your injury, and then later change your mind, you may be out of luck. Keep in mind that minor injuries today can lead to more major injuries tomorrow. In Louisiana we call the statute of limitations, “prescription” or a prescriptive period. The terms are interchangeable.


Accidents can be traumatizing experiences. Post-accident insurance claims and/or litigation can lead to excessive stress and exhaustion during an already difficult situation. The right attorney can help de-stress the process for you.


Depending on the form of accident or the severity of your injuries, you may be dealing with complex legal rules. For instance, claims based on toxic exposure (as a result of contaminants in the air, soil, water etc.) can be difficult to prove and often require complicated scientific data. Similarly, expert help is especially needed in cases of medical malpractice, where both complex medical and legal questions may be involved.

Refusal to Pay

Sometimes, no matter how strong your claim, an insurance company or government agency refuses to pay. In these cases, having an experienced attorney back you up and threaten further legal action may help convince the other party to pay up.

Regardless of the injury you may have suffered, the right personal injury attorney can be a crucial step in an otherwise difficult process. Here at Smiley Law, we are always ready to take all your personal injury questions. Contact us today!

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