New Orleans Car Accident Attorney

New Orleans automobile accidents happen daily, all around us. When you have been in an accident and injured by another driver, you need personal attention to your personal injury. Injuries can come in all shapes and levels of severity from minors bruises to catastrophic personal injuries; some manifest instantly and others take time to become known. For these reasons, it’s important to consult with a specialized New Orleans car accident attorney immediately after an accident.

New Orleans roads can be dangerous and an accident can happen at any time, anywhere. Having a New Orleans personal injury lawyer that focuses on car accidents makes all the difference when making a claim. Injuries and medical bills can take years to recover from. Often times, insurance will not make you whole. Experienced injury attorneys can get you the compensation you deserve so as to make you whole for the damage you suffered.

Insurance companies in New Orleans seek to give you the lowest amount of compensation because its a smart business model. That insurance company does not care about all the pain and suffering that you and your loved ones have been through. The best  car accident attorneys in New Orleans will fight the insurance company to make you whole each time.

A New Orleans car accident attorney like those at Smiley Law Firm, will make sure you are fully compensated for your automobile damage, personal injury damage, time off work, business interruption and most importantly those medical bills. Automobile accidents are traumatic events, the aftermath does not have to be.

Information gathering at the time of the accident is a very important step in your claim. Use that camera on your phone to get pictures of the accident, all vehicles involved, the other parties drivers licenses, insurance cards, license plates, and contact information for any parties or witnesses. From there you can email Smiley Law Firm and/or upload the documents to this page to make the process of data preservation that much easier. Let technology work for you in your time of need.

Always call the New Orleans police and get a police report. Even if the damage is small, it will increase the chances of success. Find out whether the driver at fault was on the cell phone or texting while driving. These facts lead to liability in many accidents.

Fighting the insurance companies is not easy. They will look for any advantage they can to eliminate the claim. Having an attorney who will stand up to the insurance companies is the smartest move you can make after an accident. Let the Smiley Law Firm help.

Remember that Louisiana has “no-pay no-play” statutes regarding compensation for uninsured drivers. Even if the wreck was not your fault you could be penalized for not carrying your own auto insurance. Its essential to have this coverage.