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May 26, 2024

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Are you ready to fall in love with your law firm? Smiley Injury Law practices in Louisiana, Texas, and California…and we’re fanatically focused on two things: injury & you.

We Love Helping Clients. At the core of Smiley Injury Law are values that make the firm client-centered. We want every client to walk away with the best possible legal experience.

We Fight For Injury Victims We love to fight insurance companies. Many of our clients have fallen victim to another’s negligence. Whether it be in an auto accident or on a construction site, the attorneys and entire firm strive for getting the maximum result and recovery for our injury clients. Smiley Injury Law has emerged as a leader in injury law for Louisiana amassing a large volume of compensation for injury victims.

We Appreciate You Unlike representation you might have encountered in the past, Smiley Injury Law is concerned about results, and we’re also concerned about you. We appreciate our clients, and we appreciate the challenges they face every day.

The personal injury law field is full of legal hurdles. Smiley Injury Law makes it a priority to be there for each of our clients, to answer their questions, help avoid legal missteps, and to deal with legal complications as they arise. From contract drafting and review to full-fledged litigation or dispute resolution, Smiley Injury Law understands the personal injury law, the needs of our clients, and the legal options available to personal injury clients.

Injury law is complex and if you try to fight an insurance company on your own, they will win every time. There are tricks and strategies that can be employed against the insurance company to maximize your outcome. We handle these issues daily and love getting great results for our clients.

You’ll Love Us We’re different. Let us tell you why:

  • Location. We have convenient offices and access to attorneys in South Louisiana, Texas and Southern California. We’ve located our offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Mandeville to be close to our clients, and accessible.
  • We’re Progressive. Take a look around our website – you can’t miss it. We work hard to make our website one of the most progressive legal websites in the nation, offering RSS Feeds, electronic news, and documentation, the most resourceful collection of free construction, business and injury law articles on the net, and more.
  • We Share. Our News & Articles page provides any website visitor free access to articles about personal injury law written in a common-sense language. Learning about these personal injury law issues can help you and your family, and the articles are a valuable resource. We invest a lot of time and money building this resource for you….and we enjoy sharing it at no charge. It helps our clients, and it helps individuals better prepare for legal scenarios.
  • We Believe in Community. We believe in more than community…we believe in your community. The community is near and dear to Smiley Injury Law, and through our involvement and support with local associations, we’re active in supporting the personal injury victims and the community that’s important to you, your livelihood, our livelihood and the country as a whole. We make it a point to care about the overall community as well, engaging in volunteering trips, living green and more. We volunteer and give financially to our favorite organizations such as SBP and Junior Achievement.

Check us out today by scheduling a consultation, you will be glad you did.


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