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May 26, 2024

New Orleans Bus Accident Lawyer

Were you injured while riding the city bus? If so, you can file a claim and seek a settlement. Consult a bus accident attorney in New Orleans to find out how to move forward with a lawsuit.

Unlike larger cities, like New York or Washington, D.C., New Orleans doesn’t have an underground rail system for transportation because the city sits below sea level. Instead, many citizens rely on the city’s bus system as their main form of transportation.
With city buses taking New Orleans citizens to and from work each day, across town to visit relatives, and to the local grocery store, bus accidents can occur for various reasons and in various locations. If you’re riding on a bus in New Orleans and you get injured in an accident, you can file a claim to receive compensation for any damages you’ve suffered.
Speaking to a New Orleans bus accident lawyer from Smiley Injury Law, LLC can be a great way to assess your situation and learn how to move forward with your case. Our team wants to support you through your legal journey and negotiate on your behalf to win the settlement you deserve

How Bus Accidents Happen in New Orleans

Bus accidents can happen for many reasons in New Orleans. If a bus driver isn’t trained properly, the driver may cause an accident that leads to passenger injuries. Similarly, a negligent vehicle driver on the road may be speeding, distracted behind the wheel, driving under the influence, or improperly changing lanes and could collide with a bus in New Orleans.
Because buses are so large, they can malfunction easily. When bus malfunctions occur, accidents can result and lead to injuries. Injuries in bus accidents may be more severe than car accidents if passengers aren’t wearing seat belts or if the bus falls over. 
Roadway hazards and bad weather can also result in New Orleans bus accidents. 

How a New Orleans Bus Accident Can Affect Your Life

If you experience a New Orleans bus accident, you may suffer both physical and emotional injuries. Your physical injuries may include bone fractures, internal bleeding, brain injuries, or spinal damage, among other injuries. Although some injuries heal quickly, others may come with lasting symptoms, such as chronic pain, loss of motor or sensory function, and limits to your lifestyle.
Emotionally, you may experience post-traumatic stress or depression from your bus accident in New Orleans. Such a significant event can change the course of your life forever, and it can be hard to adjust to your new life when you feel anger about the situation. It’s unfair that someone else’s negligence led to your injuries, and although money can’t heal you completely, it can help significantly.

Who to Sue for Your New Orleans Bus Accident

A New Orleans bus accident attorney can identify who’s responsible for your bus accident and determine who to sue. If your bus driver was responsible for the accident, for example, it’s possible to sue the driver individually or the bus company that employs the bus driver.
If a car or bus malfunction caused your bus accident in New Orleans, then you can sue the manufacturer for negligence. Alternatively, if a roadway hazard led to your bus accident, it may be possible to sue the government for negligence.
Sometimes, more than one party can be responsible for your injuries, and identifying all liable parties will be the key to maximizing your settlement. Your bus accident lawyer in New Orleans can gather evidence to support your claim in court and hold all liable parties accountable.  

Class Action Lawsuits for Bus Accidents in New Orleans

If multiple passengers in your New Orleans bus accident were injured, it’s possible to file a class action lawsuit against the at-fault party in your accident. A class action lawsuit means all victims in your accident will sue the defendant collectively, which can sometimes increase your chances of winning. A class action lawsuit makes sense if all victims in your case are suing the defendant for the same thing. 

Reach Out to a New Orleans Bus Accident Attorney

After speaking to a bus accident attorney and determining how you’d like to file your claim, you can increase your settlement by going after compensation for both your financial and nonfinancial losses.
If you’ve never taken legal action before, you may feel hesitant to pursue a lawsuit; however, with the help of a New Orleans bus accident lawyer from Smiley Injury Law, LLC, you’ll have the support needed to succeed. To schedule a free consultation with our team, fill out the contact form below or call 504-894-9653.


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