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May 26, 2024

Metairie Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If a driver injured you by crashing into your motorcycle, they should be liable for the damages you suffer. A motorcycle accident attorney in Metairie can help you prove fault in your case and win the settlement you deserve.

The New Orleans area is a great place to ride motorcycles because it stays warm most of the year. Although motorcycles are statistically more dangerous than cars, many Metairie motorcyclists ride safely and aren’t responsible for the accidents they’re involved in. Vehicle drivers in Metairie often drive negligently and collide with motorcyclists, which causes them to wreck.

If you were injured in Metairie while riding a motorcycle and believe someone else is at fault, you can sue the liable party and obtain a settlement. If you have no legal experience, then you should discuss your case with a Metairie motorcycle accident lawyer from Smiley Injury Law, LLC. Our team can handle the legal aspects of your claim while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

How Drivers Cause Metairie Motorcycle Accidents

Drivers in Metairie may cause motorcycle accidents if they’re speeding or distracted behind the wheel. When drivers are only looking out for other vehicles, they may fail to check for motorcyclists in their blind spots, which can lead to accidents and severe injuries. Any Metairie motorcycle accident involving a motorcycle and a car will likely be more severe than a Metairie car accident involving two cars.

Motorcycle accidents in Metairie may also occur if drivers are drowsy, under the influence, or breaking other rules of the road.

Fighting the Reckless Motorcyclist Stereotype in Metairie

Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are commonly labeled as reckless, and the court may have a bias. Even if you contributed no fault to your accident, you may have to use extensive evidence to convince the judge and jury that you weren’t riding recklessly.

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Metairie can help clear your name of any stereotypes and prove negligence against the driver who hit you.

Proving Liability for Your Metairie Motorcycle Accident

To successfully prove liability for your Metairie motorcycle accident, you’ll need evidence to support your argument. Evidence can include phone records, witness statements, video footage, and photographs. You can also use medical records to link your injuries to the accident.

Once you can prove your case, you can get the most of your claim by accounting for how the accident has affected your lifestyle. These damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Consult a Metairie Motorcycle Accident Attorney

At Smiley Injury Law, LLC, we’re committed to seeking justice on your behalf. If you’re hesitant to take legal action or think filing a claim isn’t worth the time and effort, our team will provide the confidence you need to move forward with your case. To schedule a free consultation with a Metairie motorcycle accident lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 504-894-9653.


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