Truck Accidents

There are lots of names and ways to identify this specific and often times horrific type of accident. It constitutes a traffic accident with a commercial truck, van, big-rig, tractor truck, tractor trailer combination, or eighteen wheeler. These vehicles are doing great things and keeping commerce going in America. The problem is that often times, drivers are overworked, overloaded, intoxicated or fatigued. The operators of these vehicles can be negligent and cause damage to others on our roadways.

Big-rigs weigh tens of thousands of pounds and are hurtling down our common roadways at high speeds. Accidents are bound to happen. Trucking companies are very experienced in keeping damages low. They are experts in paying pennies on the dollar to victims for injuries.

Any time you are involved in an accident with an eighteen wheeler, you should check to see if anyone is hurt and call 911. Have the police give you an incident or police report number, then its always helpful to be your own investigator. There are many important facts there at the scene of the accident that can help you succeed in your claim. You can bet that the trucking companies will send out their investigators and capture evidence that is favorable to its claim.

Use that camera phone and take pictures of the accident scene, commercial drivers license of the driver, drivers licenses of the other parties involved, insurance cards for all parties including the commercial driver, license plates and the name of the company that is on the truck itself. These helpful pieces of information will help to build the foundation of your case.

The attorneys at the Smiley Law group can help to level the playing field. They are experienced in dealing with trucking company adjusters and insurance companies. They will also help to advise you on what doctors you should see for the types of injury that you and/or your loved ones have suffered.

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