Been Injured in an Uber Accident? Here’s How We Can Help

Personal Injury, Uber Accidents

There’s a good chance you’re one of the millions in America that relies on ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft on a regular basis. These companies have pioneered the personal transportation game to great success. They’ve provided alternatives to taxis and enabled people to get to work on time and back safe from bars. They’re […]

Three 18-Wheeler Accidents in 2018 and What They Taught Us

Semi-Truck Accidents

Learn From Tragic Accidents After seeing countless clients walk through their doors, any personal injury attorney can attest to the fact that 18-wheeler accidents are extremely detrimental. Even with all the regulations on the industry, there were still 475,000 crashes involving these large trucks in the most recent year data is available. Cities like Baton […]

Car Accident Injuries: What Causes Slurred Speech?

Personal Injury

Car accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. And while many people are lucky enough to walk away from an accident, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve escaped car accident injuries and don’t need medical attention. In fact, medical providers agree that a great many symptoms — including symptoms that indicate serious underlying conditions […]

Losing Depth Perception After A Car Accident?

Car Accident

Are you confused or scared about what’s going on with your vision after a car accident? If you’re having trouble judging distances or seeing things that are far away, you might be suffering from depth perception loss. Read on to learn more about what this is and what you can do about it. What is […]

Are Personal Injury Settlements Taxable?

Personal Injury

When you are injured in an accident, one of the best ways to cover the associated costs is via a personal injury settlement. Settling with an insurance company or defendant before you go to trial is a good way to ensure that you avoid the headache and hassle associated with a lawsuit. Accepting a settlement […]

Filing A Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit In The Real World Class action lawsuits happen all the time and are common in the legal industry. Many times they receive negative press due to the nature of the suit or the proposed greedy nature of the attorneys who are leading the charge. This mindset is misguided. Class action attorneys keep […]

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Facts, Symptoms, and Treatments

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is what you probably assume it is – damage to the brain resulting from trauma that occurs from a severe bump, blow, jolt, or an object piercing the head. When trauma causes the head to move back and forth or side to side rapidly, the brain bounces or twists in […]

Auto Accidents: Everything You Need to Know

Car Accident

Next time you’re on the road, watch out – auto accidents are more common than you may think. Here are just a few of the alarming stats about auto accidents: On average, about 6 million auto accidents tally up in the US each year. 40% of accidents result because of alcohol, but texting is also a culprit. […]

Why Car Accident Victims Should Understand Dysarthria

Car Accident, Personal Injury

Many complicated injuries can result from a car accident, but knowing what to do when you’re already in a confused, upset, and even angry state of mind can make getting proper medical assistance difficult. Remember to always go see your doctor first if you have any symptoms such as the ones listed below in this blog and […]

Blurred Vision Following a Car Accident

Car Accident, Personal Injury

Following a car accident, you are bound to have many different issues weighing on your mind. However, blurred vision is not something to ignore. Can a Car Accident Cause Blurred Vision? Blurred vision following a car accident can occur for multiple reasons. On the more common side of the spectrum, a concussion may have resulted […]

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