Have You Been Involved in a Fatal Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle Accidents

During the summer months, there is no shortage of motorcycles that take to the road to enjoy the beautiful weather. But not everyone who gets on the road is careful, and as a result, motorcycle accidents are more likely to happen in the summer months. Sometimes, the results can be devastating — and even fatal. […]

How to Recover When an Auto Accident Isn’t Your Fault

Auto Accident Recovery

Even the safest drivers have accidents and it is often the fault of someone else. After an accident, there are things that are part of the protocol to ensure a settlement to make you whole. According to Enjuris: Statistics show that even the most cautious and careful motorists are likely to be involved in some sort […]

In a Motorcycle Accident? Louisiana Accident Guide for Bike Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents

Whether you were at fault or not, if you were involved in a motorcycle accident, you will need experienced legal counsel. A motorcycle accident can be devastating. It can lead to weeks in the hospital and medical expenses that total thousands of dollars. You might be laid off from your job if you’ve sustained injuries. […]

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in New Orleans?

Car Accident

A car accident can change your life in the blink of an eye. If you find that your life is irreparably changed because of an inopportune accident that has left you severely injured, the Smiley Law Firm is here to help. With years of experience handling cases just like yours, the Smiley Law Firm is […]

Toxic Torts: The Legalities Behind Exposure to Harmful Substances

Toxic Torts

If you have been exposed to a harmful substance, such as a chemical or pesticide, because of the negligence of another party or another party’s failure to disclose the risks involved in dealing with a given substance, you likely have a legal claim. This is known as toxic tort, and this complex and growing legal […]

How a Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You Seek Justice

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but losing someone you love to the negligence of another is heartbreaking. No one should have to endure loss because of someone else’s mistake. Unfortunately, this happens every day. While nothing can bring your loved ones back, you can seek compensation for the pain you’ve suffered. You can […]

Have You Been Involved in Truck Wrecks?

Personal Injury, Semi-Truck Accidents

Have You Been Involved in Truck Wrecks? When accidents happen, they can be — and, in fact, are — devastating. But when truck wrecks happen, they can be especially devastating — and even fatal. Many Louisiana residents are unaware that trucking companies — and their drivers — are bound by very specific rules and regulations, […]

Hiring A Bike Accident Attorney

Bike Safety

An accident is every cyclist’s worst nightmare, but they happen every day. The negligence of drivers and even pedestrians and others around you can lead to serious bodily injury and damaged property. You know the first thing to do after an accident is to seek medical help, but what is next? Get An Examination Right […]

Been Injured in an Uber Accident? Here’s How We Can Help

Personal Injury, Uber Accidents

There’s a good chance you’re one of the millions in America that relies on ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft on a regular basis. These companies have pioneered the personal transportation game to great success. They’ve provided alternatives to taxis and enabled people to get to work on time and back safe from bars. They’re […]

Three 18-Wheeler Accidents in 2018 and What They Taught Us

Semi-Truck Accidents

Learn From Tragic Accidents After seeing countless clients walk through their doors, any personal injury attorney can attest to the fact that 18-wheeler accidents are extremely detrimental. Even with all the regulations on the industry, there were still 475,000 crashes involving these large trucks in the most recent year data is available. Cities like Baton […]